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Yorkshire Windows very first blog about the Energy Crisis and how we can help !

"Do you sound smarter when using big words ?"

According to a study published in Applied Cognitive Phycology, the answer is "No" and thank the lord for that because here at Yorkshire Windows we have decided to start a Blog for your personal entertainment, please be kind !

I though what better way to start our blogging than with something that's at the forefront of all our minds at the minute, the Energy Crisis we are in. So why have our energy prices risen by as much as 54%? The price you pay for your energy is dependent on several things. About half of your bill is the wholesale cost of gas and electricity, but there is also the cost of distribution, transmission charges, government tax (VAT), environmental costs and meter provision - as well as your energy company’s supply costs and profit.

Surprisingly this isn't just due to the Ukraine/Russia War, as the UK only import 4% of electricity from Russia, Its due to a mixture of lots of other things, leaving Europe, cost of living, cost of fuel, cost of wages, and a cold winter in Europe last year put pressure on supplies and, as a result, stored gas levels are much lower than normal.

Hot weather in Asia saw more gas used for air-conditioning, while gas exports from Russia to north-west Europe have also been lower.

"How can Yorkshire Windows help ?"

Figures from The Energy Saving Trust reported that as much as 20% of a home’s heat loss occurs through its windows and doors. This increases the household’s fuel bills and its carbon footprint.

Since energy prices are permanently on the rise it makes sense for homeowners to make their property as thermally efficient as possible. Here at Yorkshire Windows we do everything in-house, we manufacture our own windows, we have our own delivery team, our own fitters, our own surveyors, this means we can keep cost down and be highly competitive on prices with no third party to pay. All our windows are A+ Rated and FENSA registered.

Windows fitted today boast many mod-cons that ensure they are as thermally efficient as possible. For example:

  • The space between two (double glazed) panes is filled with argon gas. This has a 34% lower thermal conductivity to air.

  • The spacers (which are used to keep the glass panes apart) are made using a non-conductive polymer plastic. This completely eliminates heat transfer.

  • The glass has a metallic coating that reflects heat back into the room whilst allowing passive solar heat gain (i.e. heat from the sun) to pass through.

When combined, these elements give the window it’s final rating, which is independently verified by the BFRC.

So while energy prices and everything else is on the rise, what are you doing to help contribute towards our carbon footprint ?

Please give me some feedback on this blog and let me know if theirs anything specific you want me to talk about next time, and if you enjoyed this read please pass it along to others too :)

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