• John Garlick

Earth Day, 22nd April 2022.

In anticipation of Earth Day approaching, I wanted to tell you what Yorkshire Windows does to protect the environment.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, it now includes events in more than 193 countries. The Earth Day theme for 2022 is 'Invest In Our Planet'. "How will you invest ?"

Protecting the environment has never been so important than what it is right now in this current climate, with Global warming and the Energy crisis its at the top of everybody's list, including ours at Yorkshire Windows. Luckily for us we have people like David Attenborough and the UNICEF group bringing it all to our attention.

Our manufacturing warehouse here on our home turf in Hunslet, Leeds, has a full recycling policy, because we are fortunate to make our own windows we can ensure all our plastic is recycled, cut offs, waste and old frames we remove from jobs gets reused into making new frames where possible. In our office we have a recycling point so all all our rubbish is recycled, we even have scrap paper piles our secretary uses instead of new note pads. (after lots of research to ensure they are environmentally friendly) We have partnered up with AWM Skip hire who we use to remove and recycle all our rubbish we cant reuse here on site. All our machines are top spec, uses minimal electricity and are quality reviewed every 6 months. We ensure all our suppliers we use all have there own Eco friendly policy's and we wouldn't have it any other way.

So how do you help the environment ? Well here are a few ideas for you....

  • First and foremost, recycle at home, if you struggle with what's recyclable and not here is a link for you to see what you can recycle at home and what you cant; What is Recyclable and What is not (

  • Conserve water, water is life. Make sure taps are not dripping, Promptly repair any leaks in and around your taps. (One leak can waste several thousand litres of water per year.) For more tips follow this link: 17 Water Conservation Tips and Tricks (

  • Minimise food wastage, do this by keeping your kitchen organised, checking best before dates and putting food in order by date, get your portion size sorted, Freeze what cant be used. Get creative with things like using veg cut offs for soups and broths.

  • Limit car use, try take public transport or walk.

  • Switch off anything not in use, TV's, lights, computers and printers.

  • Use your hanging line for washing.

  • Reuse shopping bags and buy things with less packaging.

  • Limit meat consumption, try swapping 1 to 2 meals per week to vegetarian, a good way of eating healthier as well :)

  • Buy second hand, there's some great charity shops with some items still new, clothes, machines, exercise equipment and much more.

If everybody who reads this blog, shares it, and does one of the things suggested, then we could be making a huge difference ! So please give us a share, tell people about what you have read, and make a difference !

"How will you contribute to Earth Day ?"

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